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Discover how Beyoncé, her style, her body and her performances are part of history.

Become a Certified ‘Beyoncé in Culture’ Expert with this Online Course from Elizabeth Amisu.

Earn an esteemed certification on Beyoncé from the luxury of your home!


Marvel at her mystique and expand your knowledge base to include live performance analysis and history analysis with an in-depth 6-lesson online course with Elizabeth Amisu. Learn from the expert and connect with Beyoncé’s music in a deeper way, expand your analytical skills and find out how Beyoncé and her success fits into history.

‘Beyoncé in Culture’ is a brand new subject which brings together art, music, live performance analysis and visual representation. Focusing on Beyoncé’s image of mystique and the selling power of sex, it brings in new perspectives on Beyoncé as a unique player in the history of African-American people in America.

This online course will take your fascination with Beyoncé to the next level so that you can use it to write, learn and gain a historic and theoretical understanding that will benefit not only you (and your CV) but also your family, friends, and the wider community of Beyoncé fans and researchers.

Get the answers and interesting context for important aspects of Beyoncé’s career and music. You can even teach others, use your learning to fuel a creative project, or write an academic article or essay for publication. Already taking a qualification? Use this course to boost your grade. Want to write about Beyoncé Knowles professionally? This is a wonderful place to get started.

At the end of this online course, you’ll be eligible to be a Certified ‘Beyoncé in Culture’ Expert, and you’ll receive a certificate that’s suitable for framing. This paraprofessional worldwide designation demonstrates that you’ve taken extra training to understand the unique performer, mother and businesswoman who is the Queen Bey, and underlines your preparation to teach ‘Beyoncé in Culture’ to others or give professional ‘Beyoncé in Culture’ lectures and seminars.

Elizabeth Amisu Michael Jackson Studies Online CourseAbout Your Expert Teacher, Elizabeth Amisu
Elizabeth holds B.A., M.A., and PGCE qualifications, is a lifelong teacher, who specializes in English literature, film studies and popular culture, and is the author of The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson: His Music, His Persona, and His Artistic Afterlifepresenter of the podcast, Michael Jackson’s Dream Lives On: An Academic Conversation and editor of The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies, among other works.

Elizabeth continues to teach thousands of people about popular culture as art through her writing, podcasting, courses and research.

‘Beyoncé in Culture’ Online Course Overview

Lesson One: Welcome and Introduction
Here’s a special welcome message from Elizabeth Amisu and an introduction to your ‘Beyoncé in Culture’ Online Course. Enjoy re-listening to Beyoncé’s greatest hits to reinvigorate and re-inspire as you gain these important ‘Beyoncé in Culture’ basics:

  • The intention of this course and what you’ll accomplish
  • How to prepare for the course and research
  • The best sources to use to begin your study
  • How Beyoncé is now more than ever using her power of influence

Lesson Two: Beyoncé and the Historical Black Female
This first learning module focuses on helping you explore your thoughts and ideas around Beyoncé, and the complex history around Western/European fascinations around the black female body including:

  • How Beyoncé’s representation begins in the 17th century
  • How slavery changed the meaning of blackness
  • How to take effective notes
  • Where the Western fascination with black females started
  • Why African people became symbols of European power
  • How Beyoncé’s sexual imagery and body connects with objectification
  • How Beyoncé’s persona as Queen challenges black female invisibility
  • How Beyoncé’s is changing dominant negative stereotypes
  • How to work with multiple sources simultaneously to get a clearer overview
  • How to use a diary-model for in-depth (and on-the-fly) research

Lesson Three: Beyoncé, Bootylicious and Baartman
This module brings new comparisons of Beyoncé and her black female historical sisters right through the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to the present day. You’ll learn these important specifics and concepts:

  • Who was Hottentot Venus (Sara Baartman) and what happened to her
  • What is the allure of Beyoncé’s sexual imagery and body
  • How to connect historical people with present day ones effectively in research
  • Examine your personal thoughts about the exploitation of the black female
  • How the Bootylicious song and video is a great tool for discussion
  • How Beyoncé’s use of her own body and her ‘booty’ challenges stereotypes
  • How Beyoncé’s image is constructed from much more than her physical body
  • Understand the importance of using other sources in your research

Lesson Four: Beyoncé as Josephine Baker
Learn about Beyoncé’s personas/roles as a doting wife and mother and how this reflects on female sexuality and motherhood. This module contains important expert advice about Beyoncé’s live performance. You’ll learn:

  • Who Josephine Baker was
  • Why Beyoncé chose Josephine Baker as her muse
  • How to take a live performance as a case study for your research
  • How Beyoncé uses dance to align herself with her heritage as a black woman

Lesson Five: Analyzing Beyoncé’s BET Awards & ‘Freedom’
In this module we take Beyoncé’s 2016 BET Awards Performance of ‘Freedom’, going through every aspect of the performance in vivid detail we draw new conclusions on Beyoncé’s influential, musical and visual presentation. Elizabeth walks you through:

  • How the opening section connects with the Civil Rights Movement
  • Beyoncé’s use of symbolism in staging, lighting and costume
  • Lyrical analysis of Beyoncé’s song Freedom
  • How Beyoncé’s Freedom connects with slavery in a deep way

Lesson Six: A Reason to Create
Creativity is the best way of summarising your learning. This ‘A Reason to Create’ lesson gives you a wonderful opportunity to create a piece of art or an article inspired by Beyoncé, in order to understand her process more deeply. You will:

  • Receive detailed guidance on how to bring all your ideas together
  • Choose a final creative or academic project in your preferred field
  • Complete your final creative project

Resources: ‘Beyoncé in Culture’
Elizabeth discusses how you can enhance your knowledge of Beyoncé in a way that is fulfilling and focused. Topics include:

  • Freely available videos, lectures and essays
  • Writing a ‘Beyoncé in Culture’ Diary for analysis and inspiration
  • Effective Note-taking advice
  • Core Reading Lists for every lesson to help kick start your research
  • Extended Reading Lists for every lesson to help you further your research
  • Online Arts Education community and ongoing support

In addition to these 6 lessons, you’ll also receive:

  • Free membership to Online Arts Education Newsletter including…
  • First availability, massive monthly discounts, study tips, videos and podcasts
  • A Dedicated ‘Online Arts Education’ Facebook Page for support and additional resources
  • ‘Beyoncé in Culture’ Certificate
  • An opportunity to be considered for academic publication, enhancing academic credit for your hard work

More About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Amisu Michael Jackson Studies Online CourseElizabeth Amisu holds B.A., M.A., and PGCE qualifications, is a lifelong teacher, who specializes in English literature, film studies and popular culture, and is the author of The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson: His Music, His Persona, and His Artistic Afterlifepresenter of the podcast, Michael Jackson’s Dream Lives On: An Academic Conversatioand editor of The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies, among other works.

Elizabeth has appeared on Dancing with the Elephant, and writes regular columns and articles for The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic StudiesShe continues to teach thousands of people about Michael Jackson’s art through her books, podcasts, and courses. For more information on Elizabeth and the courses she presents, please visit www.ElizabethAmisu.com.

Join Elizabeth on her websites:

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