‘Beyoncé in Culture’ Online Course

‘Beyoncé in Culture’ Online Course: 6-Lesson Online Course with Elizabeth Amisu

This is an online academic course on the art, performance and representation of entertainer, Beyoncé Knowles. Focusing on Beyoncé’s image of mystique and the selling power of sexuality in culture, this course brings in new perspectives on Beyoncé’s place in the history of black femininity and black feminism, taking into context key figures in the Western fetishization of black women, such as Saartjie (Sara) Baartman (Hottentot Venus) and Josephine Baker.

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  • 6 lessons of study
  • Self-directed viewing & personal note-taking
  • Certificate of Completion
  • English

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About the Course

It is no secret that Beyoncé is an international superstar. Her commercial success and phenomenal talent has made her a worldwide celebrity. Millions of people flock to watch her perform in sell-out tours and she has become a lucrative powerhouse in the recording industry. Now that Beyoncé’s work has become more overtly political, her unique brand of black feminism has been perceived as threatening. This course investigates exactly why that is, answering questions like…

Is Beyoncé a figure of black female empowerment?

Where does Beyoncé fit in the wider history of black female visibility?

What does Beyoncé mean to us now in a digital, post-Civil Rights and post-feminist age?

What does Beyonce’s BET Awards (2016) performance tell us about American culture?

The course begins with the historical background of black female representation, starting in the early sixteenth century and the rise of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and bringing comparisons of Beyoncé and her black female historical sisters right through the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to the present day. We then move on to Beyoncé’s role as a doting wife and mother and how this contradicts tired notions which separate female sexuality from motherhood before taking a brief overlook of Beyoncé’s video artistry and finally, her recent BET Performance. The final session allows students to take a creative project or video essay to conclude and summarize their learning.

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‘Beyoncé in Culture’ Online Course