Learn To Draw What You Observe

Course Description

This is a five-week course in drawing a self-portrait (the ABC of drawing and learning how to OBSERVE, not THINK what you see), to help people learn the fundamentals of art, so they can draw with confidence, have fun, use their new skills either to further the arts, express themselves differently or solve problems differently.

What problem do I solve?

Do you have fear, are not confident drawing a self-portrait or do you not even know where to start? Is perfectionism haunting you? Do you want something else next to your day job and learn to find your authentic self-expression? Do you feel you need guidance and want to connect with other like-minded people who also keep you accountable? Then you are at the right place.

What transformation am I delivering?


  • In five weeks, you get a confident drawing from life.
  • Perfectionism is not haunting you anymore. 
  • The fear of expressing yourself authentically will diminish.
  • As a massive bonus, you learn to observe, which will let you see things you did not see before.
  • Help your kids! Access for you and your kids to let them learn this. It will improve how they study and learn. (A course for kids will be next).
  • You will be able to connect with like-minded people and support, keep accountable and encourage each other. It has been proved that learning in a group has more results than on your own. 
  • You discover your authentic self-expression and enjoy the journey of creating.

Details about the course.

  • This will be a hybrid hands-on four-week-long course. 
  • Step-by-step teaching to learn how to OBSERVE and Draw. 
  • Weekly group calls (1 to 2 hours)
  •  -where you show your homework and discuss progress
  •  -I show a demonstration you can always revisit for instructions. 
  • In the course, we do not judge ourselves, have fun, discuss matters encountered, and want to share. 
  • Each participant gets a private call to discuss progress, how that feels for you, and to give feedback to improve. 
  • You get assignments to accomplish by preferably taking 1 hour a day (commitment to yourself).
  • On your mobile, you can easily watch a single demonstration whilst waiting in a queue, reading more about insights and instructions, mindset hacks etc.

Through a series of exercises, you will regain your confidence and learn how to see and not think. This will give you the basic skill to draw what you observe and not what you think you see. These are very powerful exercises, fun to do and the benefits, of which some are written above, are multiple.


  • A WhatsApp group to ask questions or show when you are stuck.
  • A private group on the course platform to build our community. It is free for you. 
  • Lifetime group access even when you decide not to enter the membership.
  • The option to send your work for feedback by mail if you can not be on the group call.
  • Lifetime access, enables you to go through the demonstrations with your kids, which will benefit their further studies in different topics because of whole brain function.
  •  As pilot course members, you can enter the membership to continue for 30 days FREE. (Membership will have demonstrations about paint, materials, portraits, drawing or painting from a photo, drawing painting from life)

Dates of the course.

February 2024


The price of the full course is £497. However, because this is a pilot and you are my co-creator, you get everything for only £197 in full or pay 3 times £75

After you enrolled, you will receive a pdf with the materials needed. Before January 10, you will receive the Zoom links for our calls.

  1. Overview and introduction + first assignment needed for the first group call.
  2. Drawing on your childhood artistry
  3. Perceive edges and shapes
  4. Perceiving relationships
  5. Drawing a profile portrait
  6. Perceiving lights, shadows and composition
  7. Creative problem solving
  8. How you can take your basic skills further


If you feel it doesn’t work, I will give you two extra private sessions to overcome this. Proof of your efforts is needed. I know you can do this!

Application Deadline

I am only taking 10 people in at this time. Will be relaunched soon!!

Instructor Bio

I am Karin. I am a portrait artist and have about 30 years of teaching and mentoring experience. I have a love relationship with oil paints. However, in the beginning, I had no clue where to start. I did not know what I needed, and if I could even do this. At the same time, I was always putting myself and my dreams on the back burner. After I hit rock bottom, I found my Why and stepped away from the second or less place in my life. That was the moment I decided to start my art business. I cannot express how much this decision to think about myself first has helped me. I really reconnected with myself in a way I never understood before. Painting with oil is my number one, and mentoring/ teaching is a natural habit. Learning the ABC of drawing taught me how to see, and that is more important than anything I experienced in my life.

How to Enrol?

To enrol, you can click on the link below. 

NB. When you want to employ the payment plan, click this link to the course platform. You pay 3 times £75 over the first 3 weeks.

Have Questions?

If you have questions? Please do not hesitate to contact me via Contact in the upper menu.

Course Instructor

Karin Merx Karin Merx Author

The course launches as a pilot again February 2024
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  • Enrollment in this course closed on 12/31/2022.

Replays Live Sessions

Introduction and construction of the viewfinders

Week 1 Shifting from left to right

Week 2 Edges Contour line drawing

Week 3 Shapes -Negative & Positive

Week 4 Perspective and Profile

Week 5 Shadow Light and Self Portrait