‘Prince, Race and Sexuality’ Online Course

This course looks into the race (ethnicity), gender and sexuality of Prince’s persona and his art. Prince showed us non-conformist self-expression. He created a persona that showed us to be free, and not only as artists, but everyone can create or design his/her own life. Finally, and most importantly, he showed us the flawed premise of the dichotomy between black and white, male and female, and homosexuality and heterosexuality.

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Personal introduction to the course by course creator and facilitator Karin Merx

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About the Course

Prince Roger Nelson (1958-2016) was an international star who is known for his multi-instrumental talent and his provocative style. He toured about 29 times, released 30+ albums, directed 3, and acted in 4 feature films. However, despite his fame and immense artistic output on which has been written a few books, several questions remain……..

  • Who was Prince?
  • How and why did he show us his ‘provocative’ persona and art?
  • What does Prince and his art mean to us now?

We begin with an introduction of the terminology used in this course and give the historical context. Then we consider Prince’s early career as musician by analyzing the three album covers of his first records. We will proceed through Prince’s artistic canon of the eighties and beginning of the nineties, visiting key works of art and the context in which they were created. By the end, it is my wish that we have a more clearer sense and idea of the cultural significance of the artist Prince.

karinKarin Merx MA, Course Creator and Facilitator
Karin Merx is Master of Arts in Cultural Studies, and she is a classically trained musician. She spent 20 + years teaching music, and enjoys teaching about the subjects she loves. Karin is visual artist and enjoys illustrating books and book covers. Her research interests are popular culture, cultural philosophy, music, and art history. She is a professional academic, artist, editor and podcaster.

Karin has the following qualifications:

  • MA Cultural Studies (Art History, Cultural History, Cultural Philosophy, Literature), specialised in Art History, achieved in 2012 from Open University Netherlands.
  • BA Cultural Studies – Cultural Philosophy achieved in 2009 from Open University Netherlands.
  • BMus Sweelinck Conservatorium Amsterdam (flute).



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Prince, Race & Sexuality