If I can Do It, You Can Do It Too

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The 3 Powerful steps you can take to start your healing journey

It’s not easy to find a way to get heard when it comes to your depression, anxiety or worse.  We gladly outsource our bodies to doctors. It’s what we have learned. However, we are more than a body with a brain as if that is separated from the rest. The struggles are real, but the power is within us.

This Masterclass will help you to move from feeling miserable to seeing light on the horizon.

Here is What You’ll Learn:
1. E-motion – Motion
It has been proven that our brains love movement.
2. Foods Influence Moods
What an eye-opener that everything we put into our mouth has a huge influence on our bodies, brains included
3. Mindset: The Words We Use
Our thoughts create our reality, the words we think and speak are the way we feel about ourselves

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If you want to participate in a Masterclass, but it is in a timezone that does not fit yours, please register anyway and drop me a mail to notify me that you would prefer another time. It is too important not be able to share my knowledge that you could benefit from. I will do my best to find a solution.

Hi, I am Karin. I am an Artist and Academic (MA). My journey of holistic healing from severe depressions, migraines and allergies, has brought me to developing the program The Art Of Taking Back Your Power. I am on a mission to reach as many people as possible to bring awareness, as well as to help them through this healing process.