‘Matrix Trilogy Concepts’ Online Course: 6-Lesson Online Course with Elizabeth Amisu

Matrix Worlds Online Course‘Matrix Trilogy Concepts’ Online Course: 6-Lesson Online Course with Elizabeth Amisu

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Uncover the worlds, themes, concepts, and philosophical messages in The Matrix Trilogy.

Become a Certified ‘Matrix Trilogy Concepts’ expert with this Online Course from Elizabeth Amisu.

Earn an esteemed certification on The Matrix Trilogy from the luxury of your home!


Free your mind and expand your knowledge base to include several strands from the films using stills, frame analysis, dialogue and documentaries with an in-depth 6-lesson online course with Elizabeth Amisu. Learn from the expert and connect with The Matrix Trilogy in a deeper way, expand your analytical skills and find out how the trilogy gives us deeper insights into what makes us human.

The Matrix Trilogy was a film franchise which broke records, as time goes on since their original release, we now have new perspectives, new ideas on the key themes like purpose, digitization, synthetic as opposed to organic, and of course, freedom. Now that the digital age has become the norm The Matrix Trilogy has become more significant than ever.

This online course will take your fascination with The Matrix Trilogy to the next level so that you can use it to write, learn and gain a philosophical and theoretical understanding that will benefit not only you (and your CV) but also your family, friends, and the wider community of Matrix fans and researchers.

Get new perspectives for The Matrix Trilogy and its themes. You can even teach others, use your learning to fuel a creative project, or write an academic article or essay for publication. Already taking a qualification? Use this course to boost your grade. Want to write about The Matrix Trilogy professionally? This is a wonderful place to get started.

At the end of this online course, you’ll be eligible to be a Certified ‘Matrix Trilogy Concepts’ expert, and you’ll receive a certificate that’s suitable for framing. This paraprofessional worldwide designation demonstrates that you’ve taken extra training to understand the unique tropes and facets of The Matrix Trilogy to others or give professional ‘Matrix Trilogy Concepts’ lectures and seminars.

Elizabeth Profile Online Arts EducationAbout Your Expert Teacher, Elizabeth Amisu
Elizabeth holds a first class B.A., an M.A. from King’s College London, and a PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education). She is a professional teacher, online course developer, academic author, journal editor and podcaster, who has won a series of creative awards.

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Certified ‘Matrix Trilogy Concepts’  Online Course Overview

Lesson One: Welcome and Introduction
Here’s a special welcome message from Elizabeth Amisu and an introduction to your Certified ‘Matrix Trilogy Concepts’ Online Course. Enjoy re-watching The Matrix Trilogy to reinvigorate and re-inspire as you gain these important ‘Matrix Trilogy Concepts’ basics:

  • The intention of this course and what you’ll accomplish
  • How to prepare for the course and research
  • The best sources to use to begin your study
  • How the Wachowskis focus on complex themes in their films

Lesson Two: Purpose
This first learning module focuses on helping you explore your thoughts and ideas around The Matrix Trilogy, and the complex concepts it engages including:

  • The theme of Purpose and its multiple definitions
  • Analysing Agent Smith’s “purpose monologue”
  • The character of Morpheus and purpose
  • The character of Neo and purpose
  • The character of Trinity and purpose
  • How to consider programs as characters in The Matrix Trilogy
  • The effect of purpose on narrative.
  • What happens to harmony when purpose is disrupted
  • How to work with multiple sources simultaneously to get a clearer overview
  • How to use a diary-model for in-depth (and on-the-fly) research

Lesson Three: Consciousness
This module focuses on a question that philosophy, religion, and deep thought have tried to answer for centuries: What makes us human? The Matrix Trilogy gives us some insights through the idea of consciousness. You’ll learn these important specifics and concepts:

  • What is Consciousness
  • How consciousness connects with the mind
  • How consciousness connects with the body
  • Consciousness in the Matrix Trilogy
  • How the characters of Bane, Neo, and Agent Smith help us explore consciousness
  • The difference between synthetic and organic consciousness
  • The Matrix Trilogy and its bending of reality
  • Why characters die in real life if they die in the Matrix

Lesson Four: Free Will
Learn about fate and free will, concepts the Wachowskis love to use in order ‘free our minds’. This module contains important expert advice about determinism, which argues that we are all living out a pre-designed purpose. You’ll learn:

  • What Free will is and how it works
  • Whether the humans living in Zion have free will
  • What the Architect meant by the ‘systemic anomaly’ in the Matrix Reloaded
  • How the Architect and the Oracle both represent aspects of free will

Lesson Five: Machines vs. Man
In this module we take The Animatrix short films, The Second Renaissance Part I and The Second Renaissance Part II, which tell a fascinating story about the fall of man and machine. Elizabeth walks you through:

  • How human beings are machines
  • How machines could be inherently human
  • How the case of B1-66ER is really crucial to understanding The Matrix Trilogy
  • The hidden reason why machines created the Matrix

Lesson Six: Final Project
Creativity is the best way of summarizing your learning. This ‘Final Project’ lesson gives you a wonderful opportunity to carry out a creative project or a video essay. You will:

  • Receive detailed guidance on how to bring all your ideas together
  • Choose a final creative or academic project in your preferred field
  • Complete your final creative project

Resources: ‘Matrix Trilogy Concepts’
Elizabeth discusses how you can enhance knowledge of The Matrix Trilogy in a way that is fulfilling and focused. Topics include:

  • Free video lectures & lesson notes
  • Free scripts excerpts with accompanying frame stills from The Matrix Trilogy
  • Writing a ‘Matrix Trilogy Concepts’ Diary for analysis and inspiration
  • Effective Note-taking advice
  • Video-Watching Lists for every lesson to help kick start your research

In addition to these 6 lessons, you’ll also receive:

  • Free membership to Online Arts Education Newsletter including…
  • First availability, massive monthly discounts, study tips, videos and podcasts
  • A Dedicated ‘Online Arts Education’ Facebook Page for support and additional resources
  • A ‘Matrix Trilogy Concepts’ Certificate
  • Online Arts Education community and ongoing support


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