Visual Art of Michael Jackson Online Video Course: Six-Lesson Online Video Course with Karin Merx

Visual Art of Michael Jackson Online Video Course: Six-Lesson Online Course with Karin Merx

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Learn how to appreciate the Visual Art of Michael Jackson, and learn to appreciate Michael Jackson as visual artist …

Based on the German Book ‘Kunstwerke von Michael Jackson’, Karin Merx takes you on a journey through the book and discusses Michael Jackson’s artworks, his style and development. There is no need to know German, Karin Merx guides you through the key elements of the book.

Become a Visual Art of Michael Jackson expert* with this Online Video Course with artist and illustrator Karin Merx.

Earn an esteemed certification in the Visual Art of Michael Jackson from the comfort of your own home!


Expand your knowledge base to include new perspectives on the King of Pop as visual artist with a 6-lesson online video course with Karin Merx. Gain a deeper understanding of Michael Jackson’s visual art, and expand your appreciation.

Studying Michael Jackson is a brand new field, and in this course you learn about Jackson’s artistry, his visual art, the one aspect of his creativity that has remained a hidden treasure for decades. Unlock the secrets of the portraits, self-portraits, sculpture designs and abstract artworks Jackson created in his private artist’s studio.

This online course will take your knowledge to the next level so that you can use it to write, learn and gain specific understanding that will benefit you, your friends and family, and the community of Michael Jackson fans and academics. And it’s suitable for those who are new to Michael Jackson, as well as seasoned pros.

Experience the wonders and amazing visual expression of Michael Jackson’s visual artworks. You can even teach others, use your learning for a creative project, or write an academic article or essay for publication.

Already taking a qualification? Use this course to boost your grade. Want to write about Michael Jackson’s artworks professionally? This is the place to get started.

At the end of this online course, you’ll be eligible to be a certified Visual Art of Michael Jackson expert, and you’ll receive a certificate that’s suitable for framing. This paraprofessional worldwide designation demonstrates that you’ve taken extra training to understand the Visual Art of Michael Jackson, and underscores your preparation to teach the Visual Art of Michael Jackson to others.

About Your Expert Teacher, Karin Merx

Karin holds BMus, B.A., and M.A. qualifications, and is a lifelong teacher, who specializes in music, visual art, art history, cultural philosophy, film, and cultural history and is the professional artist commissioned for the Michael Jackson Respect Portrait, presenter of the podcast Michael Jackson’s Dream Lives On: An Academic Conversation and editor of The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies, among other works.

Karin continues to teach thousands of people about Michael Jackson’s art through her creative works, podcasting, courses and research.

Certified Visual Art of Michael Jackson Course Overview

Lesson One: Welcome and Introduction

Here’s a special welcome message from Karin Merx and an introduction to your Visual Art of Michael Jackson Course.

  • The intention of this course and what you’ll accomplish
  • How to prepare for the course and research
  • The sources to use to begin your study
  • How to accurately define the research of the Visual Art of Michael Jackson

Lesson Two: The Key Elements of Michael Jackson and His Visual Art

This second learning module focuses on the key elements of Michael Jackson and his visual art and how to learn to view and appreciate art:

  • Background information on Michael Jackson’s Visual Art
  • Michael Jackson and art history
  • How to view art
  • How to interpret art
  • How to write about art
  • How to connect with the art object
  • What an art object is, means and does when you view it
  • How to get a deeper understanding of an artwork
  • How to appreciate Michael Jackson as visual artist

Lesson Three: Portraiture by Michael Jackson (Short Course Here)

This module is all about Michael Jackson’s portraiture. You’ll learn about the history of portraiture, the background of Jackson’s choices, the techniques, style, and development. You’ll learn:

  • About the history of portraiture
  • Why Jackson chose those the people he portrayed
  • About the techniques of Michael Jackson’s portraits
  • About the style of Michael Jackson’s portraits
  • About Michael Jackson’s self-portraits
  • About his artistic evolution
  • What Political figures Michael Jackson drew
  • Michael Jackson’s portraits of artists
  • Michael Jackson’s portraits of film stars
  • Michael Jackson’s historical portraits

Lesson Four: Michael Jackson’s Abstract Art

Learn how to view and read abstract art, and especially about Michael Jackson’s five abstract works. You’ll learn:

  • History of abstract art
  • About the accident in art, improvisation and experiment
  • How Michael Jackson used colour
  • How Michael Jackson used unusual materials
  • Jackson’s use of lines
  • Jackson’s use of shapes

Lesson Five: Michael Jackson’s Sculptures and Designs

This module is all about the five sculpture sketches Michael Jackson created.  Karin will walk you through:

  • Jackson’s designs of sculptures
  • The shapes and the lines of the sculptures
  • How drawings can be monumental
  • The detailed eye, Jackson’s drawings and designs of keys and doors
  • The Number 7 in Michael Jackson designs

Lesson Six: Creative Project

Creativity is the best way of summarising your learning. This ‘Creative Project’ lesson gives you a wonderful opportunity to create a piece of art or an article inspired by Michael Jackson’s visual art, in order to appreciate his visual art more deeply. You will:

  • Receive detailed guidance on how to bring all your ideas together
  • Choose a final creative or academic project in your preferred field
  • Complete your final creative project

Resources: The Visual Art of Michael Jackson

Karin discusses how you can enhance knowledge of Michael Jackson’s visual art in a way that is fulfilling and focused. Topics include:

  • Free academic podcastMichael Jackson’s Dream Lives On
  • Writing a Michael Jackson Notebook without lines for analysis and inspiration and sketches
  • Effective Note-taking advice
  • Michael Jackson Studies community and ongoing support

In addition to these 6 lessons, you’ll also receive:

  • Free membership to The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies including…
  • Free monthly newsletter, author interviews, columns, essays & articles, book reviews, and academic podcasts.
  • A Dedicated Michael Jackson Studies Facebook Page for support and additional resources
  • A certified Visual Art of Michael Jackson Certificate
  • Access to our Free Researchers Resource Service with advice on topics to approach
  • An opportunity to be considered for academic publication, enhancing academic credit for your hard work

More about Karin Merx

karinKarin holds BMus degree in Classical Music, and B.A., M.A. degrees in Cultural Studies with a specialisation in Art History, spent 20 + years teaching music, and enjoys teaching about the subjects she loves like art, music, cultural philosophy, art history, and cultural history. Karin is musician and visual artist, and enjoys illustrating books and book covers. Her research interests are popular culture, cultural philosophy, music, and art history. She is a professional academic, artist, editor of The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies and together with Elizabeth Amisu host of Michael Jackson’s Dream Lives On: An Academic Conversation.  She is the author of the academic book, A festive parade of highlights: La Grande Parade as evaluation of the museum policy of Edy De Wilde at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam published with academic publisher Eburon. This landmark publication, currently exclusively available in Dutch, is the first of its kind that focuses solely on De Wilde and his tenure as the director of the Stedelijk. It is therefore an indispensable source for students and researchers on museum history and modern art in the twentieth century.


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