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We are really good at creating and developing high quality, affordable independent online based courses, in the subjects you love most: Film, Music, Popular Culture, English and many more…

Our goal is to empower learners all around the world to access bridging courses that enable them to expand their horizons, learn new skills, and have a lot of fun along the way.

2016 Course List

This is a list of current online courses available from Online Arts Education (in order of subject)


MJ Black History Online Arts EducationAfrican-American Studies

Online-Course-BasquiatArt History

Matrix Worlds Online Course

Film Studies

Prince-Course-introOnline Arts Education Online CoursesGender


Lifelong Learning, Business & Self-Improvement

micheljacksonstudies online course

Michael Jackson Studies

Certified Michael Jackson's Dangerous Online Video CourseMusic

Beyonce in Culture Online Course from Online Arts EducationPopular Culture

logo-tutoring-business Online Arts Education Online SchoolTeaching & Learning


Online Learning for Everyone
We know that you don’t always have the time or the money to take an academic course in a professional setting, or simply choose to learn without the pressure of essays, tests or long travel, that’s why we invest in a range of independent self-directed courses.

cropped-OAE-logo-1-1Empowering the Learner
With the power in your hands you can take our courses as slowly or as quickly as you choose. Most importantly, all our course delivery comes in the form of bite-size lessons, which cover a module. There are also a range of extension activities to help you stretch your learning.

cropped-OAE-logo-1-1Unique Subjects
We understand that many subjects in the arts haven’t yet appeared in the world’s Universities, and that’s exactly why we teach you a range of innovative and unique arts subjects, especially popular culture, music, and film.


Certifications Included
We understand how important a resume can be in the modern working environment, so all our 4-6 week courses are certified, with no extra price. These certifications are suitable for framing, and prove that you have taken the time to complete an independent course.

Anatomy of an Online Arts Education Course

1. Every course begins as a thought in our inspired creative academics’ mind.

2. They spend several weeks and months designing lessons, achievements, resources, action steps, course lists and resources for you

3. All the course lectures are shot and edited.

4. The course is loaded onto our online learning platform.

5. You take the course at a super-affordable price.

6. You pick up cool achievement badges along the way.

7. You complete your final project.

8. You receive your shiny certification.

And all from the luxury of your own home.