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Here is what I know!

There is nothing you want more than to live a happy fulfilling life. It’s deep in your heart, and probably has been for a very long time.

Yet, somewhere along the way you gave up reading your self help books, dropped off because you couldn’t find the strength anymore to do it all alone. And also often feel comfortable in the misery. The doctors who subscribed and therapists you visited were right.

I know, because I was one of those people suffering from severe depressions, migraines and allergies who almost gave up because all the therapies didn’t work after all. Everyone around me was happy, except me.

I fell for what is wildly spread that once you have those depressions or worse, it’s with you for the rest of your life until I realised that I was the only one who needed to come to her own rescue. I started doing research and took on the journey to step by step take my power back and heal myself from the depressions, the migraine and also the allergies.

So, let me make something very clear, it’s not that you can’t heal from your mental health problems.

You just don’t know how…..yet

And that can change, starting today

Mostly because of the valuable lessons I can share with you

  1. Lessons learned the hard way (hiding my feelings and numbing them with alcohol)
  2. Lessons I learned through the many failures and almost give ups whilst healing myself from my mental health problems.

I’ll share the lessons I learned story (and your step by step plan) in just a minute

But first, I want to get right to the point

I can help you walking through that journey to heal yourself

Here’s why I can say this, confidently

I’ve already helped myself, and took that journey without any medication and I want you to know that you can do this too!

Not to bash medical doctors or therapists for that matter, but to make you deeply aware of the fact that you have the power within you, and can take back your life and live your life in a fulfilling way.

I know the thought, not to mention the ‘doing,’ can feel overwhelming. So, let me share a little more about how I got to where I am now.

Once a deeply depressed woman myself, to now be able live my life as artist the way I choose too.

I was able to recover after I was so fed up with my life and myself that I only had two choices. To quit or to take matters into my own hands. I choose the latter. I stopped drinking alcohol cold Turkey. After that I started running and on my journey I found a lot of people talking about eating healthy. I started to ask myself questions and found a book that wasn’t about healing from mental health at all, but was all about longevity and the power food had on that. I switched my diet and not only lost weight, but also felt way better.

From that I moved on and kept that diet, till I reached a point that I had to go deeper. I followed a program about food and mental health (depression, anxiety, schizophrenia etc.) I followed a documentary about the powers of herbs and how they could serve our bodies, moods and more.

I picked up meditations again, and energy healing. I was full into research mode when I watched a documentary about microbiologists diving deep into our intestines, that they found there and what had caused the havoc.

I read about the gut being the second brain and the relation between the brain and the gut. Low and behold, my depressions stopped.

I Want to help you achieve this

You see, we as people struggling with depression and/or anxiety (most of us anyway) are simply not inclined to take matters into our own hands. The research, the changes that need to be made and simply having the knowledge to know how and where to start.

Putting it all together in a plan for exactly how to take which step. And how it should work out. How do we manage that on our own?

All of that truly vital knowledge that brings this real part of complete healing to the forefront of our daily lives.

And that’s what we need to talk about now….

How you can start your own proven path to healing success, just like I did.

  1. By growing your knowledge, something I still do
  2. Use the roadmap I developed for you
  3. Get the full awareness of your own power
  4. Have the help of your pall in a private group to you accountable


Make no mistake…

If you’re, really ready to take matters into your own hands from being depressed and worse, struggling to do what you are here for on this earth, then The Art Of Taking Back Your Power provides the exact roadmap that I followed, will lead you to inevitable results.

And how do we accomplish this?

First and foremost, I show you how to develop and change bad habits into good habits.
And remember this is about us as being whole, our bodies as we see it, as well as our energy bodies.

The Art Of Taking Back Your Power

E-motion - Motion


A week into movement, simple tasks to take and do on a daily base.

Foods influence Moods

A week about foods and how they impact our health
, including our brain.

  1. What we have in our house – awareness – knowledge
  2. Bring in the house what is good for your body
  3. Start with healing the gut
  4. Simple yet delicious meals
  5. Sharing is caring


  1. Focus
  2. Love
  3. Forgive the long list
  4. Forgive meditation
  5. How to get into our subconscious mind to reprogram through meditation
  6. Kirtan Kriya


Learn how to communicate with your own thoughts and know when to shift.
You will find that happiness is a choice.

Energy Healing

Learn about the energy body

  1. Chakra cleaning
  2. Power in our hands
  3. Our intuition and how to get in touch


Not knowing your purpose and why is often the cause of a depression and/or anxiety.
You go through the process of getting in touch with your self to find your purpose and/or why.

The Art Of Taking Back Your Power

Yearly Subscription Art Of Taking Back Your Power

All program worksheets
100% online, mobile friendly learning


Monthly Subscription Art Of Taking Back Your Power

All program worksheets
100% online, mobile friendly learning

£37 month


If you are not satisfied with the program after 14 days from the start of the program, we will refund your investment after you send in your completed exercises from all parts of the program up to that point, and proof of your participation in the group, with your accountability partner.

Let Me Ask You, And Please Be Honest

Can you see what The Art Of Taking Back your Power can mean to you, that you can heal yourself and live the life you dreamed of?

If you answered yes, I have something ‘extra’ for you.

Whilst The Art Of Taking Back Your Power will show you the exact roadmap you need to heal.
When you enrol today, I’ve arranged for you to receive a bonus worth over $ 2,000.-

And it WILL help with your healing process.

Take a Look….


Private session with me to establish what is most important for you $2000.-

I will discuss with you the roadmap plan based on the The Art Of Taking Back Your Power in a private Zoom Session.

Value $2000.-

Membership Bonuses

Value $2,500.-

1. Weekly Live Art sessions to learn to express your feelings through art. We take the things that come up in our journaling and turn that into beauty. Art is one of the most powerful tools to heal.

Value $500.-

2. The 3 important Questions.
The most important questions you need to ask to set goals in a way that makes them exciting and also helps your subconscious brain working towards them.

Value $500.-

3. Advanced Meditation Masterclass
Some of the most powerful tools to release anxiety, depression or worse, and learn to master your brainwaves to get more clarity whilst working towards your goals.

As You Can See

Not only is The Art Of Taking Back Your Power a great value, with my extra, ‘overdelivered’ bonuses you’re getting some very valuable ‘extra’ tools

All directed to you, developed with love and care for your holistic healing journey.


The program I developed is the roadmap I used myself to heal from my depressions. It is not as wildly known as it should be, however, whilst on my journey I learned from medical doctors, herbalists, microbiologists, spiritual teachers like Louise Hay, Abraham Hicks. Energy healers like Dona Eden and Jeffrey Allen, Dr George Pratt (clinical psychologist) and even from psychiatrists who are very critical towards medication.

There are major components that make your healing predictable:

  1. Healing your gut and learn to eat the food that treats your body well, and
    healing your gut also healing you brain and more. ( our bodies are very intricate networks)
  2. It has been proven that movement is important for your brain health
  3. Research has shown that meditation not only lowers your anxiety, but also supports the blood stream towards the frontal lob of your brain.
  4. It has been proven that energy healing works.
  5. Research proved that whilst in a group, you can commit and the chances that you heal are 80% against those who try it on their own
  6. Once you learn to adapt all the tools I offer, you can make it your own and live a healthy happy life.


The Art Of Taking Back Your Power is set up to give you ALL the foundational tools you need.

And for this reason, it can help you take YOUR power back. In other words, The Art Of Taking Back Your Power will help you bring awareness, knowledge about yourself and for you to feel strong enough to make decisions for yourself. You own your body and mind again.


You receive a 14 day money back guarantee

My love for this program is huge, because I know it will help you.

Because I know it works for anyone who really wants to successfully heal from their anxiety, depressions, or more, but it keeps hitting that solid wall of common practices and for those who want to do it themselves, of ‘HOW?’

And more importantly, I’ve see what it has done for me and friends whilst doing the research.

I have had several traumas in my life with losing my first wife in the nineties, and my second wife in 2015 through a divorce. It led to deep depressions, and I went for the bottle, even though I was a runner. I never quit understood what healthy was, and frankly didn't care that much anymore. Till I hit rock bottom and ended up in hospital with an cardiac arrest in 2015. They gave me a pacemaker and told me I had only two valves in my aorta, whereas normally that should have been 3, and they were covered with chalk. It was as if everything started to fall apart. My whole body was in stress and I not only received that pacemaker, but have apnea, was told I have glaucoma and both wouldn't heal anymore. About 2 years ago, Karin gave me advice on what to eat, to pick up walking and yoga, to meditate and do energy healing. I am a fine artist, so I was able to express myself and that really helped me. I have changed my mindset and am very thoughtful about my thoughts and the words I use. Since last year medical doctors are stunned by my health. The cardiologist called me to tell me that all chalk was gone. My arthritis is gone and I can walk and bike again. Even my glaucoma has stopped, it doesn't get worse. My optometrist was flabbergasted, how in the world was that even possible? I have never felt so good, no stress, no depressions and my body is healing too. Up until today I have stayed with my changed lifestyle, added the healthy organic foods, became vegetarian and never drank any alcohol anymore. All the tools Karin gives in this program led to my healing, even added to my longevity. I'm 75 years old and 70kg, which is ideal. That's definitely what I got from all her advice.
Harry Druijf
Fine Artist

The Art Of Taking Back Your Power

Yearly Subscription Art Of Taking Back Your Power

All program worksheets
100% online, mobile friendly learning


Monthly Subscription Art Of Taking Back Your Power

All program worksheets
100% online, mobile friendly learning

£37 month


(not if you chose the Bootcamp)

If you are not satisfied with the program after 14 days from the start of the program, we will refund your investment after you send in your completed exercises from all parts of the program up to that point, and proof of your participation in the group, with your accountability partner.

If we were discussing this in person right now...

I’d really want to answer you questions

It’s important to me that you have NO lingering doubts

SO, Let’s Start Here:

How can I justify the investment for this when I am uncertain if I am able to do this?

There are two ways to look at this: as in going on it alone or as in doing it together.
A research showed that a group of people who absolutely needed to change their lifestyle otherwise they probably wouldn’t live long were able to commit in a group with an 80% success rate. Those who chose to go on it alone, were not able to change their so much needed lifestyle.

If you feel this is what will help you accomplish your lifestyle change and therefore healing, then this is a good investment.

Do I have to exchange my progress and have an accountability partner, or can I do this program alone anyway?

As said before, in a group with someone who is also your accountability partner, and vice versa -you are theirs – you are more likely to get results quicker. The support is there and also in the weekly live Q&A’s. That said, sharing your progress is one of the daily tasks. It doesn’t mean you have to share personal things, it means that you share if you did the task and how it worked for you 

The bonus of the weekly art sessions or 3 art sessions in the Bootcamp, are they a must? I can't draw or anything.

I can’t force you to do anything, however, when you commit to this program, you also commit to the bonus sessions. But no worries, whether you are able to draw or not, it is about learning to express yourself, and I designed a specific way to do that to make it possible for everyone, and also for you.

Will I have access to the whole course at one time?

After you go through the introduction video of the first week -our preparation week- the rest will drip week by week. You will be required to go through the daily tasks, sign in the group and share your experience with the task, or what you did or not did.

What if mid-way the program I have to take care of some other issues? What do I do then?

You have lifetime access to the program, so you can repeat it. Always communicate in the group that you will not be there for a certain amount of time, so we know.
This course is developed to help you take back your power step by step and for the long haul.

Is there anything else I should know about the program or the private Group?

The overall program is presented on a private program dashboard, for which you will have your own private username and password to log in.
The private group serves as a save space for you to share your comments, questions, insights in a supportive and private setting.

Everyone in the groups is respectful, supportive and encouraging, as they are all in the same boat as you and wanting to help you succeed as well.

Do you ever update the program? If so, will I have access to those updates?

I will update the program consistently…

I like to make sure the ongoing feedback I receive from you is addressed and the program is revised or added where it will benefit everyone in the program.

Rest assured that anytime I update it, you’ll be notified and receive full access.

Is The Art Of Taking Back Your Power Guaranteed?

Yes it is, withing 14 days if you are not satisfied with your experience, I will refund your program fee. That’s how certain I am that this program works when you commit to yourself and that what I offer in this program.

Now, I offer this because it is the right thing to do. All I ask is that you give yourself and this program a fair chance…
So, in order to claim a refund, you must send completed worksheets from the part of the program you completed, with proof of participation in the group and your accountability partner within 14 days of registering for this program.

The Art Of Taking Back Your Power

Yearly Subscription Art Of Taking Back Your Power

All program worksheets
100% online, mobile friendly learning


Monthly Subscription Art Of Taking Back Your Power

All program worksheets
100% online, mobile friendly learning

£37 month


You and I both know….

This has been going on for way too long.

What if you finally had the power to make the decisions for your health yourself?

Well, since you’re still here, you’re obviously serious about what this CAN mean for you. And more importantly, I can tell you with certainty, It IS possible.

So here’s what you need to do right now. It only requires a little imagination.

Yes, just imagine for a minute:

  • Feeling great and full of energy again, or maybe for the first time in your life.
  • Enjoying the care you now know you can take for yourself
  • Enjoying the knowledge you now have about your whole body that doctors, psychiatrists nor psychologist were ever able to give you
  • That sense of freedom that you, and only you decide what you put into your mouth deliberately

Now is the time!! Enrol now to make a commitment to yourself that you've been wanting to make for way too long...

The Art Of Taking Back Your Power

Yearly Subscription Art Of Taking Back Your Power

All program worksheets
100% online, mobile friendly learning


Monthly Subscription Art Of Taking Back Your Power

All program worksheets
100% online, mobile friendly learning

£37 month