Mentoring The Art Stories

1-1 Mentoring The Art Stories is for aspiring artists, artists who need a new boost or feel stuck or people who want to learn how to express themselves through art to help them through a challenging time. (also available for Dutch Speaking people.)

Resources for aspiring artists and creatives are wildly spread over the internet. Never before have there been so many resources available.

However, UNLIMITED CHOICE CAN BE OVERWHELMING when deciding why and what you want as an artist.
The sheer amount is distracting, often disheartening and can put you in a direction that makes it impossible to FIND YOUR AUTHENTIC EXPRESSION AND TRUE MEANING in your work. Art is also the perfect vehicle to guide you through a rough time. That is why I decided to offer Mentoring The Art Stories.

Hi, I am Karin, a professional artist with over 15 years of experience, I will guide you from start to finish to creating the work you want AND discover what techniques and habits will KEEP YOU MOVING FORWARD.
I am here to help you build a roadmap for your creative future or to help you EXPRESS YOURSELF to release any form of STRESS.

“I worked with Karin one-to-one for this program, she was truly amazing. Her deep understanding of the work and ability to explain the techniques really made it so easy for me to get back into my art. I use drawing as a stress release ritual and it’s ideal for anyone to try. I had no prior training so I was a complete novice. I can now use the basics she taught me to create accurate realistic art and I enjoy the process too. If you are looking for someone to guide you and support you with drawing and to release stress then you have come to the right place” 
– Dr Tshidi Gardiner, Wellness Coach


  1. A Questionnaire to start with. It will give me a thorough understanding of where you are, what you need and what you want. This makes our time together focused, valuable and productive.
  2. The recorded Zoom sessions are for you to keep to watch when needed.
    Identify your personal vision conceptually and technically. This knowledge helps you understand what you want to create and how to paint it.
  3. Tailored “deep dive” to your needs: Recommendations to progress your work as an artist, either drawing or painting technique, knowledge of using oils, mixing colours and the different methods you can use.

What Deep Dive Can Mean For You

  1. Understanding the proportions, shapes and composition: This will help you confidently paint and tackle any idea you have.
  2. Painting Portraits As A Story: My personal practice. You will learn about my approach, techniques and how I expand, so you can develop an authentic style that connects you and your audience.
  3. Feedback & critique: I will help you identify key areas to focus on in your work, ways to improve, and a multitude of resources to continue cultivating a path toward mastery and exploration.
  4. Identifying habits, practices and routines to stay productive and inspired: I will share my years of experience fine-tuning my routine and studio practices to help keep you focused with consistent momentum without burnout and destroy “artist block.” SPECIAL OFFERS for in-person sessions and workshop discounts.

Single Session

Do you have a specific topic that you need help with? Experiencing the glass ceiling? A single session can get you back on track again.

Mentoring to release stress
Are you going through a challenging time? Need something for yourself? Art has a profound healing quality. In this special program, I guide you through a program that teaches you how to express yourself with art. This gives you the ability to release stress by learning how to use your right hemisphere.

“ Karin’s mentoring is so inspiring. I am a professional artist and was stuck for a long time. Her energy and inspiring mentorship really helped me to pick up the brushes again. We made a plan and I stick to that to keep going. Highly recommended, apart from her enormous amount of knowledge she has a very inspiring energy”  – H. Druijf Artist

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Difficulty: All Levels

Course Instructor

Karin Merx Karin Merx Author


1 day of access

Single Session

3 x 1.5 hour sessions

per month for 3 total payments

10% Discount

18 x 1.5 hour sessions

per month for 18 total payments

15% Discount

5 week mentoring program


Small group. Whatsapp Community

All sessions of the 5 week Mentoring Program are hybrid. It means that there is a weekly online zoom session, available demos, work you can do quickly whilst commuting on a bus, longer exercises and also a 1-1 session. Small groups means 10 people maximum. This program is related to the course Learn to Draw What You See, which is part of a membership, but might be available soon for non-members.

This course does not have any sections.

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